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We are currently working on  limited production hand made magnetic mount radio splash covers for after market radios installed on 2014 & up Street glides and Road Glides. These are made in small batches. Contact us about availability! Shown below installed with a Sony AX5000 Radio.

Photo Feb 24, 10 04 17 AM

Please go to the Splash Cover page under “Products” for ordering.

We are very confident in the protection this provides, see OUR water test. Link below:

Water Test Video

Installation is simple:

Installation Video

What you should know:

If you are expecting something that is PERFECT, please don’t buy it.
These are made from thermo-molded plastic, not a piece of glass.
There are imperfections in the plastic, but they do not degrade your ability to see your radio clearly.
These are made of a similar plastic that goods are packaged in, the stuff you have to cut open with scissors.
Like anything if you don’t take care of it, like just throwing it in your saddle bag, it can break, it can scratch. I personally carry mine in a Crown Royal bag, inside of a USPS Small Flat Rate box.
These are made with the intention of keeping water out of your radio when you wash your bike, get caught in the rain, etc…
While still being able to see your radio display and without breaking the bank or mounting some (IMO) ugly accessory permanently to your bike.
It is not a cover to be left on all the time.
I’m including pictures to show the clarity, and I’ve tried to take pictures of the flaws as well.
I make everyone by hand, molding, trimming, painting and gluing the magnets on, and shipping.
There are no “molds”, no machines automatically trimming them.
I will not sell you something I would not put on my own bike.